USRA 2-8-2 Mikado Class 


Location: Boise Depot: At the top of Capitol Boulevard 


"Engine 2295, alias "Big Mike", is a Mikado class steam engine, so called because the first engines with the 2-8-2 wheel arrangement were built for export to Japan.  Big Mike was one of Union Pacific's smaller freight engines, with a Boiler pressure of 219 pounds per square inch, 63 inch drive wheels, 26x28 inch cylinders and 53,600 pounds of starting tractive effort.  The 2295 was built by American Locomotive Company in 1920 and was donated to the City of Boise in 1959.  In 1978 Big Mike was given to the Idaho Historical Society."


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Various close-ups of Big Mike at it's old location in Julia Davis Park next to the boat rental stand.  This last winter the Boise Parks and Recreation Department; Ada County Highway District; Idaho Transportation Department and the Boise Police teamed up with Intermountain Rigging to move the steam engine over the river and up the hill to the Boise Depot.


Below are a few shots of the big move, early Sunday morning December 9th: very early, very cold.  Then the next morning as Intermountain Rigging slowly lowered it onto the Depot sidding.

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Here are some photos of Big Mike it it's new location at the Boise Depot.  There are interpretive displays and an information kiosk.